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Janie's Classroom is a remote, Clark County School District educational center located on the first floor of the Cure 4 The Kids Foundation, Nevada's only non-profit pediatric treatment center. Students and parents will receive support and assistance with a variety of CCSD programs and services while they are receiving treatment for a cancer diagnosis. Our classroom teacher is a K-8 licensed educator and will be working from the classroom daily to help our student patients meet their educational goals.  Check out some of the services and supports Janie's classroom will be providing. Parents and students are encouraged to submit a request for services for these, and any other educational supports. 

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Tutoring & Lessons

Many times our students visit the clinic for extended periods of time. During those visits, our staff is able to provide tutoring and lessons created to meet student's individual educational needs. Students will receive in-person assistance with classroom assignments, tutoring on new or difficult concepts, and access to engaging and exciting standards-based learning activities. 

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Virtual Learning

Many of our students will qualify for distance education or homebound services as part of their treatment plan. Their education shouldn't suffer just because they cannot attend in person.  Our classroom will provide access and assistance to online programs so that our students can continue their education from both home and the clinc. 

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Credit Retrieval

Students diagnosed with cancer in their high school years pose a risk of becoming credit deficient during the course of their treatment.  Classroom staff at the clinic is available to assist those students with a personalized credit retrieval plan so that they can finish their course of study to receive their high school diploma. 

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Homebound Services

When a child is diagnosed with cancer most families can easily become overwhelmed by all the necessary applications for support and educational services.  The classroom staff is able to facilitate the application process for homebound and related supplemental services. 

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IEP and 504 Assistance

Understanding a child's IEP or 504 can be a daunting task.  Children who are placed on homebound services may need additional special education services in the form of these legal documents.  Understanding the accommodations and modifications to their child's education is essential for parents to be able to support their child's educational needs. 

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Infinite Campus and Canvas

CCSD provides access to several online educational programs.  Infinite Campus and Canvas are two essential programs that both parents and students should access.  Checking these portals regularly ensures that students are receiving important district announcements as well as general classroom information and grades. Canvas is the platform CCSD will be using for all Covid-19 distance learning applications. 

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